Welcome to ZiCAS School System

Every child has inborn potentials. A good school, first, discovers these potentials and then hones them. These potentials include their intellectual possibilities, the capability to learn new words, construct sentences and then to articulate it all. Self-belief is another vital element in grooming and character building that enables a child to express themselves in front of others. Likewise, there are physical potentials and, of course, spiritual Characteristic. All these aspects combined yield a well-rounded personality.
True, this entire personality building exercise will remain flawed until the child is taught to distinguish Right from Wrong. That is the key. Here, the question arises – what is right and what is wrong? For a Muslim, the answer is easy to find – Our Maker, Allah has given us a complete code of life separating Right from Wrong.

About School

Pre-school has a custom made campus which is suitably designed for early childhood and Montessori program.


At Pre-school our academic go hand in hand with our thematic teaching program. Different informative themes are introduced to the pre-school students through hands on activities.


Our customized curriculum has been instrumental in academic career of our young learners. This helps the students to be stimulated from an early age and to become well rounded individuals.