Color days:

Color days are held to enhance and reinforce the recognition of colors introduced to the children in Toddlers and Playgroup.

Gardening day:

Pre-school children love their gardening days. In spring when the flowers are in full bloom our young learners plant their plants with the help of their teachers and school gardeners. They also get to know what a plant needs to grow. It’s a science activity as well.


Pre-School curriculum is based on thematic learning. Through fun and play we teach our young learners about many concepts of social studies, science and instill general knowledge in them.

My Country:

ZiCAS School System pays a lot of attention to patriotism towards our homeland Pakistan. We feel that if we start giving information and develop a national spirit in preschool students it will stay with them forever.


Pre-School students get to know about different means of Land, Air, Water and Space Transportation.

Fabulous fall:

Our Young learners get to know about different seasons throughout the year. They get to know about signs of fall, how the color of the leaves on trees changes, about animal behavior and clothing etc.

Winter Wonderland:

As we talk about weather and seasons on regular basis in Pre-school, students get to know about signs of winter season and how we can keep ourselves warm. They also learn about winter food and dry fruits.

Health & Nutrition week:

This week is held to reinforce healthy eating habits in students. Teachers try their best that pre-school children have a balanced diet on regular basis.

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