At ZiCAS School System we have a custom made campus for preschool which is suitably designed for young learners.
Preschool comprises of four classes, Playgroups, Nursery and Kindergarten.
Our school provides comprehensive education to our students along with interactive and nurturing environment.
Our customized curriculum plays an important role in developing academic careers of our students.

Quran & Nazra:

In Playgroup, students daily masnoon Duas, First kalima and Islamic Rhymes. In Nursery, they learn mansoon Duas, names of Allah, Surah-e-Ikhlas and Islamic Rhymes. In Kindergarten, students learn daily mansoon Duas, First & second Kalima, Surah-e-kausar and Surah-e-Fateha. They learn tajweed from iqra qaida. All preschool students also get to know how to be a good muslim.

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